Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the March for the Dream free?
A: Absolutely!
Q: Where can I join the route?
A: The two designated starting points are 3432 Martin Luther King Jr and Sacramento City College, but people are free to join the march along the route.
Q: If I'm unable to walk the march or get tired during the march can I still participate in the march?
A: Yes, Regional Transit provides a courtesy bus for those who have trouble walking any part of the march!
Q: Will I need a bus pass for the return shuttle? Where can I get a bus pass?
A: No, you will not need a bus pass to get a shuttle ride back to your car, but you can get a pass after the march inside the Sacramento Convention Center.
Q: What time do the free buses shuttles start returning marchers back to their cars?
A: Immediately after the marchers arrive at the convention center Regional Transit will begin shuttling marchers back to all two beginning locations.
Q: What time do the free buses shuttles stop returning marchers back to their cars?
A: Bus shuttles will run from 11:30p.m. to 2p.m., roughly two hours after shuttling begins taking the marchers back.
Q: Can I take my dog on the march?
A: Regretfully, for safety reasons, dogs and other pets are not allowed in the march, except for those who have special needs or prior approvals.
Q: Can I roller blade in the march?
A: No!
Q: How can I help MLK365 keep the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. alive?
A: Use the march as an opportunity to talk to family, friends and community about positive values. Consider making a donation to MLK365. Get involved with MLK365!
Q: How can I get involved with MLK365?
A: Glad you asked! Register to get more information about MLK365.
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